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 A buying club is a food cluster of educated consumers dedicated to promoting locally-sourced food and a direct relationship with their farmer.  It is different from a community-supported agriculture (CSA) in that buyers can choose from the available items to be included in their order and are not locked into items which are predetermined by the farmer.  Orders will be delivered to each site twice a month. Members place orders no later than one week before the delivery and meet us at your drop-off site. We accept cash, check, and credit card.  There is no membership fee to join, no minimum order requirement, and no delivery charge.  The buying club is for consumers based on their geographical location.  Our goal is to have a gathering site for Black Mountain, Swannanoa, East Asheville, North Asheville, West Asheville, South Asheville, Weaverville, and Fairview. 


Would you like your meat order delivered to your home and receive a discount with each order?  Sign up to be a gathering site host.

Each gathering site will be at a host person's home and will have a designated day and time when members will come and pick up their order.  Hosts will receive 10% off their order each time.  The pick up is very informal.  We will bring the meat orders in coolers and members of the gathering site will have a 30-45 minute window to come and pick up their order.  The host is merely a drop site for those in that specified area.  Nothing more is required of them except for providing the outdoor location.  I will form each site when I have 2-3 members, not including the host, for an area.  When a buying club is opened in your area you will be notified and pick-up dates and times will be scheduled. Refer a friend to join a buying club and receive $10 off your next order.

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