Two farms…one vision


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The George's and Campbell's love farming!  We believe that animals have an innate and natural design for a happy and healthy life, and that this is the best biological model for animal production and land stewardship. We have chosen to disregard the ways of  modern agriculture which have sadly diminished the quality of life of its animals, and as a consequence,  have also diminished the taste and nutritional quality of the meat. We produce a premium product that supports local agriculture and promotes healthy communities. Both farms are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, thus the name: Mountainside Family Farms. Will and Amy Campbell’s farm is located in Saltville, VA. Collin and Melissa George’s farm is located in Swannanoa, NC. 


Our Products

GRASS-BASED!  Everything we produce mimics natural patterns on a commercial domestic scale.  This kind of production guides our moral and ethical boundaries. Pastured livestock and poultry moved frequently to fresh green paddocks simulates the natural movement of herbivores and omnivores in nature.  This standard of farming brings healing to the farmscape and nutritional superiority to our consumers.


our mission

To provide the families in our communities wholesome and healthy food through the redemptive healing of the land using the principles of creator ecology and responsible animal and soil stewardship.